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March 15, 2014

A few days ago I realized my $5 ECBs from the Beauty Club were expired.  Fortunately my CVS will allow you to use expired ECBs for a day or two, so I made a mad dash around the store to pick up stuff.  For $5 I got one Rice-a-Roni, one Wesson Oil, and one bag of jelly beans.  I got back $1 in ECBs.

Also Kohl’s sent me a $5 gift card.  I can always spend one of those!  I found a cute zebra-sriped toddler sweatshirt on clearance for $2.50– so I bought 2.  They were originally listed at $15 but I think $10 is a more realistic price.

As usual the food will go to the local food pantry and clothes to  one of the many charities I support.

Approximate value of items donated this week:  $29

Approximate value of times donated this year:  $292

Value of unspent ECBs: $11