Feb. 15, 2014

A couple of days ago I went by JC Penney to use that $10 off any $10 purchase coupon they sent a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to purchase just over $10 to keep my out of pocket spending under 10 cents or so. 

In the baby clearance section I found an adorable $10 two-piece baby girl outfit for $5.99, a pair of $8 shorts for $1.99, and two $8 boys’ socks for $1.99 each.  But when I got to the register I found that the outfit was really $4.97 and the shorts were really 97 cents. 

So I needed to buy something worth at least 15 cents to be able to use the coupon.  But the very nice person at Penneys had a basket at the register with mismatched things priced at a quarter each.   For the purposes of this blog I will only count the pair of baby pants, but I will admit I bought everything in that basket.  What can you get for a quarter in this day and age?

I will donate everything the next time the church collects baby things for the local women’s shelter,

Also at CVS I picked up a $6 Old Spice Body Spray (on clearance for $1.59) and two Colgate mouthwashes (one $4, one $6).  I used a $2 off Old Spice coupon, 2 $1 off Colgate coupons, and a CVS  $2 off any $10 oral care coupon.  I used $6 in ECBS to pay for it all and got $5 in ECBs back.

Approximate value of items donated today: $39

Approximate value of times donated this year:  $176

.estimated value

Total donated today: $55


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